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Rhino Caravans - off road and adventure caravans for the wildly comfortable way to travel

Do you long for the open road, the relaxation of getting away from the bright lights of the city and heading for the sights of Australia’s natural beauty and nights amongst it all, sometimes in the middle of nowhere? Have you been frustrated by not being able to take your old caravan down those many rough tracks; or just wished for a few of your own creature comforts when, instead, you woke up with just a little too much rain in your camp? ¬†The Rhino RV (Recreational Vehicle, on road / off road) Caravan is about to grant your wishes!

Designed from the ground up for on road and off road use, the Rhino will take you to your destination¬† in complete comfort, You don’t need to rough it in a swag or live in a trailer with a tent.

At last, a true on / off road caravan, with all the comforts you’ve dreamed of. We currently have 2 models available.

The Kenya: built on a tough single axle chassis, 16ft 100x50mm x3mm chassis – designed to fit a normal tow bar!

The Zambezi: built on a tough tandem axle chassis, 19ft 100x50mm x3mm chassis – designed to fit a normal tow bar!

The Serengeti – will be approximately 21ft 6 with full self leveling airbags by cruise master full en-suite and many more features Retailing for $115000.00

Rhino Caravans, hand made, custom built, working hand in hand with our choice customers

Please take the time to view our site for details. “Full Reviews in the caravan world tests magazine”



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